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Former General Motors Fleet and ACDelco instructor with 30 years of experience and specializing in Light and Medium Duty Diesel applications. 



The Powerstroke 6.4L is now over 11 years old now and more are probably entering your drive in service facility with issues. Fuel mileage complaints are very common along with regeneration issues.

The question questions asked many times over is how frequent should a regeneration take place. This is a difficult questions to answer since there are so many variables.

​I have always stated that the proper function of an aftertreatment system is based on the condition or operation of the engine itself. The frequency of regeneration events are affected by low compression, boost leaks, excessive oil consumption, injector and fuel pressure issues. Driving conditions and habits contribute as well.    (. . . ~ continued on the Tech Tips page . . .)

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Questions and frustrations with aftertreatment, thought I would post 

this video as another view on Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF's).


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Training has been available and provided to many drive-in service facilities all over the United States. The assessment and result of what you have learned in training is your ability as a technician to diagnose and repair diesel powered vehicles.

On October 30 & 31, 2018, Powertrain Training Instructor, Tony Salas, presented the "Diesel Diagnostics" and "Diesel Aftertreatments" seminars at the 2018 AAPEX Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Diesel Diagnostics seminar covered and reviewed real time issues faced in shops every day, along with the diagnostic process, and had discussion that included types of service information, tools, programming, diagnostics and more.

​The Diesel Aftertreatment seminar, held in the Mobility Garage #1 (new for this year), began with the emission system components that are the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), the diesel particulate filter (DPF) and the Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR), and the respective operation of each of these components and the issues they can create.



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Do you have a group of technicians requiring training? Powertrain Training offers customized course plans designed with your specific needs and requirements in mind incorporating class and on-hands training, with the ability to travel to your location and present these courses to your group.

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